Why Choose CSC?

The CSC Brand

Why Choose CSC?

Companies choose CSC® as their business partner because we offer expert solutions to help create a competitive edge that lets them perform at their best. We provide service in a way that earns the complete trust and respect of our customers and all who come to know us. We’ve been doing this for more than a century and during that time have built our reputation on our unrivaled capacity to anticipate and exceed client needs and expectations. Everywhere. Every time.

But there’s more to why hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world choose CSC.

Dedicated and personal service

At CSC, relationships come first. Our knowledge of our clients’ businesses, our thorough approach, and our undivided attention to our clients’ needs are what drive our commitment to their success. We treat each client’s business as our own, taking pride and care in everything we do—becoming a true extension of their team.

A history of forward thinking

As a privately held company, we have the independence to move quickly without losing sight of the need to invest for the long term. We’ve been doing this for more than 120 years, and are ready to work for and with our clients for the next 100 years. But we know that change is constant, and so, we are agile in our approach and never complacent. We are constantly evolving not only to keep our clients prepared, but to remain a global leader in an ever-changing market.

Knowledge-based solutions

At CSC, we pride ourselves on becoming a seamless part of our clients’ businesses. We use a pragmatic approach to help streamline business around the world, combining industry expertise, critical workflow knowledge, and technology to ensure continued success. By designing our solutions with our clients in mind, we keep businesses running smoother and smarter, every day.

Security first

We handle our clients’ information with the same level of care that we apply to our own information. Our security features include redundant firewalls, third-party audits, and 24/7 physical site security, which help us effectively manage, promote, and secure our clients’ information against threats both real and virtual. As a company, CSC also undergoes an annual service organization audit performed by third-party auditors in accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants guidelines. We use these service auditors’ reports to regularly provide customers with insight into the health of CSC’s internal controls relating to data protection and system availability.