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CSC is ranked #1 for service quality by World Trademark Review

CSC helps companies manage, monitor, and protect their brands online. We are a leader in every aspect of managing digital brands, including:

CSC has the tools you need to enhance the value of your digital brands while combating the forces that would undermine your online brand reputation. Our services are grounded in technological superiority and ranked #1 for quality of service by World Trademark Review. More than half of the Best Global Brands (Interbrand®) partner with CSC, and more companies seek our help every day. With 1.8 million domains under management, we are also the partner of choice for one-third of all .BRAND New gTLD applications.

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Domain Name Management

As the worldwide leader in corporate domain management, CSC registers and renews domain names in more than 700 gTLD and ccTLD extensions. Moreover, we offer brand protection strategy advice to help you acquire the right domains and build a more powerful and secure web presence.

Trademark Search Services

We offer the perfect combination of state-of-the-art technology and intellectual property expertise to help IP practitioners everywhere meet the challenges of clearing new marks in a global marketplace.

SSL Certificates

CSC offers a variety of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate options, rapid order fulfilment, and the tools you need to manage even the largest digital certificate portfolios.

Phishing Protection Services

Our comprehensive phishing defense system keeps your clients' data safe by detecting and automatically blocking phishing attacks in real time.

New gTLD Solutions

ICANN's New gTLD program offers exciting new opportunities to engage customers, drive revenue, reduce fraud and promote brands online. Yet it also comes with risk.

Domain Name System (DNS) Services

Your company's online presence is only as good as the infrastructure behind it. That's why the world's most valuable brands trust Corporation Service Company® (CSC®) for Domain Name System (DNS) services.

Domain Monitoring

Our Domain Name Monitoring service tracks new domain name registrations worldwide for infringements against your brands and provides monthly reporting on all potentially conflicting registrations.

Internet Monitoring

Our Internet Monitoring service searches the Internet on a 24x7 basis to expose, categorize, and report critical instances of online abuse against your brands—helping you enforce your rights.

Mobile App Monitoring and Management Services

We can monitor the mobile app environment, or can help you to identify and manage your entire mobile app portfolio.

Social Media Monitoring and Management Services

The fast-growing social web is a critical concern for overall marketing and brand protection success. CSC helps corporations proactively register and maintain branded usernames ("vanity URLs") at key social media sites and establish a valuable presence on new and emerging sites.

Phishing Detection

Our anti-phishing services offer a powerful monitoring engine that detects potential attacks as they occur.

Trademark Monitoring

Our technology allows trademark professionals and companies to systematically uncover potential conflicts involving newly filed trademark applications on a global basis.

Domain Recovery

Cost-effective trademark recovery options are an important component of any effective brand protection strategy. CSC can help your company boost revenues and enhance online security by recovering misspelled and "cybersquatted" variants of your brand names from third-party infringers.

Online Brand Enforcement Services

In those instances where your trademarks are being exploited online by cybersquatters, counterfeiters and typosquatters, ICANN's Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) offers an effective means to win them back.

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CSC is ranked #1 for service quality by World Trademark Review