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CSC is ranked #1 for service quality by World Trademark Review

The digital world changes fast, with new opportunities and threats emerging all the time. Against this backdrop, managing and protecting an online brand portfolio is a major, non-stop challenge.

CSC Digital Brand Services helps more than half the 100 Best Global Brands® and a growing share of Global 2000® corporations. They trust us to consolidate and secure their digital assets, optimize and promote their digital portfolio, monitor their brands for infringement, and enforce their intellectual property rights when necessary.

Consolidate and secure your digital assetsOptimize and promote your digital portfilioMonitor for threats and enforce your rights
Consolidate and secure your digital assets Optimize and promote your digital portfolio Monitor for threats and enforce your rights
Centralizing your digital assets puts you in control. CSC® helps you manage your domain names, social media usernames, SSL/TLS certificates, and DNS more efficiently to secure them against cyberattacks. Developing a connected digital brand strategy ensures your digital portfolio is working hard. CSC helps you find the optimum mix of assets—including .brands—to drive traffic and support your campaigns while minimizing online brand abuse. Protecting your brands online means detecting and removing threats. CSC Digital Brand Services helps you monitor your brand across the digital channels, prioritize results, and take action against the most serious infringements.

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We are a leader in every aspect of Online Brand Protection, including:

As the worldwide leader in corporate domain management, CSC registers and renews domain names in more than 700 gTLD and ccTLD extensions. Moreover, we offer brand protection strategy advice to help you acquire the right domains and build a more powerful and secure web presence.

Your brands are your best assets. Protect them with CSC.

CSC Digital Brand Services offers the widest range of online brand enforcement and domain name acquisition services available today.

Your customers deserve only the most stringent security measures whenever they shop, bank or communicate online.

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CSC is ranked #1 for service quality by World Trademark Review