Domain Name Monitoring

We protect and monitor your domain names from potential infringements.

Our domain name monitoring service monitors new registrations for potential infringements against your trademarks. Using industry-leading tools, we overcome the technical and legal complexities involved in searching more than 1,100 extensions for new registrations that match your trademarks (including close matches and typosquatting). We identify, categorize and prioritize results based on domain and web category, website activity, registrant and geographical factors.

With our NameProtect® monitoring application, CSC Digital Brand Services has created the first unified monitoring platform for domain names, Internet content and trademark jurisdictions. We also provide robust enforcement tools to help you protect and enforce your brand rights.

The NameProtect® platform enables you to detect potential infringements, prioritize results, and take appropriate action against abuses. It also helps you track changes via automated alerts and archive them for evidence building.

  • Monitoring for exact matches, variations, and misspellings of your trademarks
  • Categorization and prioritization of results based on the potential impact to your brands
  • Testing for active email or websites associated with each domain
  • Domain recovery services to enforce your rights

Our Brand Advisory Team is here to help you formulate your monitoring and enforcement strategy. This starts with a Brand Abuse Audit and Analysis to:

  • Assess which digital channels cybercriminals are using to attack your brands
  • Tailor a monitoring program to suit your organization's risk profile
  • Prepare a framework for prioritizing and mitigating different types of brand abuse

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We protect and monitor your domain names from potential infringements.