CSC makes it easy for you to leverage your service of process (SOP), matters, and entity information in other enterprise systems. Secure APIs allow your team to avoid time-consuming document uploads and spare you the hassle of rekeying information into other tools. And when data and documents are transferred automatically, you also avoid the costly errors and accidental omissions that can happen when you enter data manually.

Our flexible integration options allow you to integrate with one or many downstream systems, including enterprise legal management (ELM), payroll, claims, tax, and accounting platforms. Many departments choose to leverage these integration capabilities in conjunction with CSC SOP ManagerSM, a robust solution for managing the entire service of process life cycle.

Enterprise Legal Management Integrations | CSC


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Seamlessly transfer data and documents to one or many systems that your law department uses, making information available for rapid handling and response.

Time savings and reduced overhead

Reduce the time your staff spends on low-value tasks such as redundant data entry and document routing or uploads.

Highest level of data security

We maintain all applications and data on CSC servers, networks, and data storage systems located within world-class, ISO 27001—certified hosting facilities. Independent third-party auditors perform SOC 2® Type II assessments of these facilities annually.


If you have a matter management or eBilling platform, CSC’s SOP API allows for the secure and immediate transfer of inbound service of process. This automation means your legal department no longer has to create matter and upload documents by hand in your ELM system. And thanks to robust tracking, you’ll have immediate confirmation of all data sent and received.

CSC can integrate with any provider, including commercial ELM providers and in-house solutions. Common examples include:

  • Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker (formerly Serengeti)

  • Mitratech TeamConnect

  • Mitratech eCounsel

  • LexisNexis CounselLink

  • Onit Enterprise Legal Management

  • Wolters Kluwer Passport

  • Wolters Kluwer TyMetrix 360

Wage garnishment orders may present challenges due to their time-sensitive nature and requirements that vary by state, court, and issuing agency. You can streamline this process by automatically transferring wage garnishment and withholding orders to the system your in-house payroll team uses—or directly to your third-party payroll provider. By eliminating manual handoffs, CSC’s SOP API improves response times and assures you that your employee data remains confidential.

If you’re using CSC’s Registered Agent service, the CSCNavigator® platform will serve as your source of truth for core entity information, such as legal entity names, formation dates, other key entity details, and related documents. This information is centrally managed and kept current through dynamic, secretary of state-level jurisdiction status and compliance updates. Many organizations use enterprise systems that depend on these vitals, including tax, accounting, human capital management, and other applications. You can leverage CSC’s Entity API to securely transfer data and documents to these downstream systems, ensuring data integrity and eliminating overhead..



CSC ensures that your service of process (SOP) obligations are met promptly and efficiently 100% of the time. CSC SOP Pro® automatically routes inbound SOP to the parties and downstream systems that you designate. You’ll have access to an unparalleled suite of tools, enabling you to proactively monitor your SOP compliance.


CSC Matter Management

CSC Matter ManagementSM is the complete solution for your matter management needs. Mitigate risk and reduce costs with our single integrated platform, whether your focus is on contracts, litigation, garnishments, intellectual property, claims, or real estate.


CSC eBilling

Automate your financials with eBilling from CSC for new efficiencies and cost savings. CSC’s eBilling will reduce your outside counsel spend, provide time savings for in-house staff, and transmit approved invoice data to Accounts Payable in an automated manner.


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