Corporate Trust and Agency Services

Our independent, non-conflicted trust and agency services offering provides roles for a variety of private structured finance and debt transactions. We have the capability to act on international financing transactions as well as under local law around the world.

The lines between lenders and funds are becoming increasingly blurred. New entrants are leveraging securitization techniques. You want a team with strong experience in providing cash management, calculation agent, and facility agent services to both private structured finance and loan transactions. Whether you're preparing for a new transaction or you need to replace an existing service provider, CSC stands ready.

We are committed to exceeding your expectations with unparalleled attention to detail and a commitment to service globally. Our expert team—based in the United States, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region—enables us to provide seamless support wherever you are deploying capital. We offer many private corporate trust and agency services to U.S. entities through Delaware Trust Company, and to European entities in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Luxembourg.

What CSC offers in the United States

Delaware Trust Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of CSC, providing corporate trust services tailored to our clients' specialized fiduciary needs. Examples of our trust services include aircraft and equipment finance trusts, Delaware statutory trusts, indenture trustee, liquidating trusts, orphan trustee, real estate investment trusts, reinsurance trusts, securitization trusts, and other special purpose trusts.

Delaware Trust Company also offers clients a range of safekeeping and agency services. Whether you're preparing for a new transaction or you need to replace an existing service provider, we can provide collateral agent, escrow agent, loan agent, paying agent, subscription escrow agent, and other agency services.

To learn more about Delaware Trust Company, visit or contact any member of our team.