NEW eRecording Services from CSC:

Comprehensive Real Estate Services and Technology

Having multiple vendors to support the many transactions of a loan can be cumbersome. Where do you turn for eTrustee services, the preparation of borrower notification letters, and property search services? CSC recently enhanced our portfolio of real estate solutions to provide these services and more—right within our existing eRecording platform. We’re always striving to expand our technology and provide world-class service to our clients. This webinar will provide an overview of our full suite of new real estate services and technology.

During this recorded webinar, we’ll explore CSC’s:

  • eTrustee services
  • Borrower Notification Letter services
  • Signer Manager tool
  • Commercial Document templates
  • Property Search services
  • Custom Email notification services
  • Deed of Trust Look-Up

Webinar Transcript (Coming Soon):