Recorded Webinar - Insider Look at CSC Lien Perfect: File UCCs Securely, Accurately, and Quickly

Insider Look at CSC Lien Perfect: File UCCs Securely, Accurately, and Quickly

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Built with the user in mind, CSC Lien PerfectSM is the only system that marries user-focused design with the security your financial clients expect.

During this webinar, join CSC product managers John Bloxom and Binh Nguyen, along with Associate General Counsel Helena Ledic, for an insider look into CSC's newest solution, CSC Lien Perfect.

We'll review:

  • Top bank security requirements and equip you to evaluate the security of your existing filing method
  • Features that make it easy to file accurately, including real-time validation on jurisdictional rules
  • How to save you time by way of bulk exports and dynamic preview
  • Other distinctive advantages only CSC Lien Perfect offers


Webinar Transcript:

Annie: Hello, everyone, and welcome to today's webinar, Insider Look at CSC Lien Perfect: File UCCs Securely, Accurately, and Quickly. My name is Annie Triboletti and I will be your moderator.

Joining us today are John Bloxom, Binh Nguyen, and Helena Ledic.

John is the Director of Product Management at CSC. He collaborates with customers, prospects, and business stakeholders to shape CSC's product development vision and strategy for several business lines.

Binh is the Product Manager for UCC Lien Perfect and has been with CSC for almost four years. He is responsible for further development of the UCC platform for the law firm market.

Helena is the Associate General Counsel for CSC in the Chicago office. She is a business attorney advising senior management and law firms on strategy, business, legal, and technology matter.

And with that, let's welcome John, Binh, and Helena.

Helena: Thank you very much, Annie. This is Helena speaking. Our agenda today that we will be reviewing is some of the top lender security requirements having to do with filing our UCCs. And then after that we'll move into the discussion of the benefits of leveraging the UCC platforms including learning about the greater accuracy, time savings and efficiency, and a simplified workflow and ease of use, and that will be covered by Binh. And then John will take us through a live product demo and then we will come back to a Q&A and next steps.

To tell you a little bit about CSC, we work with 180,000 corporate customers including 90% of the Fortune 500. We work with 10,000 different law firms and 3,000 financial market customers. We work with 65% of the best global brands and we've got over 2,500 employees in over 50 states and approximately 15 foreign countries throughout the world.

Over 3,000 financial institution trust CSC. Why? In large part, because not only our solutions but because of our security. The last two years we looked at all those RFPs that we've received from those financial institutions, those requests for proposals. And what you can see on the screen were the five common themes that carried through all of those RFPs.

Our financial customers worried that we had a SOC 2 certification. We did. Our customers wanted to know about our data access processes and controls in order to prevent an unauthorized access of these applications. We addressed that inside our SOC 2 report.

They wanted to know about our servers. We have United-States-based servers that are ISO 27001 certified. One of them happens to be a colocation hosting facility back in Ashburn, Virginia, and there's a second facility that is completely CSC-owned and that's in Springfield, Illinois.

Our customers wanted to know whether or not we conducted penetration testing. That was another thing that we did. And they also wanted to know what our business continuity and disaster recovery plans were, and we have those addressed in a separate document.

We've covered all of those things that our customers wanted and we've addressed them in Lien Perfect and designed it that way. Now the question for you is whether or not the existing filing platform or method that you're using will meet the demand of your financial client. And the question is to ask yourself whether or not you have those type of SOC 2 certifications, whether or not that there are secure servers, what are the data access processes, application penetration and testing, and certainly, business continuity and disaster recovery. You want to make sure that the platform that you are using will meet the demands of your very important clients.

In 2017, there were only two solutions in the marketplace that met these top five requirements. CSC went head to head with the other provider 23 times in 2017, and won 22 of those because our security was so superior.

Getting the most advanced technology with features designed specifically for your law firms is what you will get with Lien Perfect. It's what your clients need and expect.

Now, Binh will show you a little bit more about some of our features and benefits or Lien Perfect, and Binh will now be taking over. Thank you.

Binh: Thanks, Helena. So now that we understand how secure our application is, let's focus on what the key benefits are in CSC Lien Perfect when it comes to helping you follow UCC.

There are three main benefits: Number one, CSC Lien Perfect will help you file with greater accuracy. Number two, CSC Lien Perfect will help you save time by filing more efficiently. And then lastly, number three, CSC Lien Perfect will help you simplify your filing workflow. So in the next few slides we'll discuss in further detail each core benefit.

So how does Lien Perfect help you file with greater accuracy? We offer real-time validation of your filing. So when you create a new filing, the context of that filing, such as whether the filing is an original UCC1 or a UCC3 amendment filing, and the jurisdiction that the filing will be filed in will all help drive which forms are needed, which fields are required, how many characters will fit into a field, and any jurisdiction-specific pieces of information that are required, such as the Florida stamp tax or FEIN number required by North Dakota and South Dakota filings.

Furthermore, we allow you to save and reuse debtor, secure party, and collateral statements. This helps to eliminate any data entry errors that can be costly when filed incorrectly.

Then lastly, if you were to create an original UCC1 filing in Lien Perfect and would like to continue it or terminate it, we will automatically transfer the initial filing number, initial filing date, and other pertinent pieces of information into the newly created amendment UCC3 to once again mitigate the risk of errors originating from typos.

So how can Lien Perfect save you time when filing? Some of the benefits I've mentioned in the previous slide cannot only make your filing more accurate, but it can save you time as well. In addition to the benefits I've already mentioned, this slide covers some extra features that we built to further help in making filing more efficient.

You can create single or multiple copies from a filing. So there may be instances when a deal is taking place that requires you to create multiple UCCs that are fairly similar to one another. Our copy feature allows you to seamlessly duplicate and update only the information that varies between the filings.

You can also export a single filing or multiple filings to PDF. So there may be a scenario where you would like to circulate a filing for review or approval with a partner or an associate before submission. So this feature allows you to easily export one or more filings that you prepared to a PDF.

And we also have two features that we recently released, Global Edit and Live Chat. Global Edit allows you to make changes across an entire collection of filings. And this feature is helpful in the event that you prepared a handful of filings only to find out that the debtor or secure party address needs to be changed on all filings. Instead of going into each filing one by one and making the change, you're able to make one change and apply it broadly to all the filings that you specify. And Live Chat will allow you to chat with a UCC specialist to answer your questions or concerns while you're preparing a filing.

So lastly, how can Lien Perfect simplify your filing workflow? During our time of research before creating the application, many law firms that we had talked to wanted to see how the information they're entering would appear on the form. Therefore, we've created a dynamic preview to allow you to visually see in real time how the information you're entering via the fields on the left will appear on the form on the right-hand side. And if you would prefer, we also offer the ability for you to work exclusively within the form just as if you were working in Adobe.

We also provide you with a forecast of your filing fees. So prior to you submitting a filing, we'll present a checkout screen, if you will, to allow you to see the total cost of submitting your filing along with the cost breakdown so you can clearly see what the fees are. You're also able to get this forecast of fees if you would like to obtain an estimate for filings that you're thinking of preparing, all right within Lien Perfect.

And then lastly, you're able to organize your matters in whichever hierarchy makes the most sense for you and your firm. A project or a billable matter is at the core of Lien Perfect. So a project can be nested within folders to help you organize by client, practice area, partner, paralegal, or any other means that's suitable for you.

We've also recently released a few different features that are aimed to help simplify your filing workflow as well. Quick search allows you to locate filings quickly and easily based on any attribute within the filing. Are you looking for a specific filing with a certain collateral description, or perhaps you're looking for filings that were filed with a specific secure party in mind? Simply enter in the search text and it will search across your entire collection of filings. Once your results are displayed, you can filter them down based on any filing type, jurisdiction, or status.

Reporting is another powerful tool that you can use to obtain a report based on any filings attribute or attributes that you would like. So for example, you may be interested in seeing all filings that are soon to be expiring within the next month, two months, three months, etc. These reports can be dynamically configured based on your needs. Furthermore, you could have these reports emailed to you on a regular interval based on your needs.

And the last feature is File For, which allows you to file filings on behalf of your clients and have those filings appear in your client's account automatically once the filing had been filed with the jurisdiction.

Helena: So now let's talk about next steps. To summarize, Lien Perfect meets the security needs your clients demand for safeguarding their financial data. Lien Perfect allows you to file UCCs with greater accuracy by having real time validation, building your own party/collateral description libraries, and auto-populating continuations and terminations.

You can save time while completing UCCs by creating single or multiple copies and exporting them into PDFs and using our global edit feature. You can also simplify your workflow by utilizing our dynamic preview as you type, forecasting your filing fees or creating your own estimates, and organizing your filings in a project folder structure that you can customize.

Lien Perfect still allows you to work with your favorite customer service representatives so that you have the security of knowing that an expert pair of eyes is reviewing your filing.

And finally, your next steps are to reach out to your account manager so that you can get access to Lien Perfect, contact us if you have any questions, and certainly, complete your first UCC filing with Lien Perfect.