Inside CSC Lien Perfect

Demonstrating Secure, Accurate, and Quick Filing with CSC’s Newest UCC Solution

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Built with the user in mind, CSC Lien PerfectSM is the only system that marries user-focused design with the security your financial clients expect.

In this recorded webinar, CSC Product Managers John Bloxom and Binh Nguyen, along with Associate General Counsel Helena Ledic, provide an inside look at CSC’s newest UCC solution. Learn about our latest updates to the system, and see how the application can help you save time, and improve your filing accuracy.

We'll review:

  • Features that make it easy to file accurately, including real-time validation on jurisdiction rules
  • How to easily track expiration dates for your entire portfolio by scheduling reports for recurring delivery and entering historical filings
  • How to save time with our search function, bulk exports, and dynamic preview
  • Top bank security requirements that equip you to evaluate the security of your existing filing method
  • Other distinctive advantages only CSC Lien Perfect offers