Your business is unique just like your licensing needs. CSC License Pro® helps you manage the licensing requirements that take the most time to fulfill, ensuring difficult licenses are not overlooked and each step is carefully planned.

Spreadsheets, homegrown systems, and sticky notes have been replaced with a solution that reduces errors, gives everyone access to the data they need, shortens processes, and automates steps.

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CSC License Pro empowers licensing professionals to manage compliance risk with a single solution—creating visibility into how your business is licensed and ensuring your filings are accurate and on time.

License Pro was designed to help you address busy work and minimize challenges like manual data entry errors and duplicate or missing data—saving you time that’s often lost collecting information from various sources. On average, License Pro users save 78% of the time they’d otherwise spend on licensing tasks.

  • View all deadlines from a personalized dashboard

  • Customize renewal workflows

  • Batch process renewals

  • Autofill data from prior renewals

  • Quickly retrieve site and company data required for licensing

  • Drag-and-drop documents into grids

  • Track payments and check requests

  • Automate payment approvals

  • Build license-specific workflows

  • Apply governing rules to workflow steps

  • Create workflows to manage compliance projects

  • Access a library of forms and jurisdiction contact information

  • Easily assign tasks to subject matter experts

  • Automatically notify field personnel when data or documents are needed

  • Quickly share compliance details with stakeholders

  • Client data hosted in CSC-managed secure data center

  • Control access rights with user groups

  • Review and report on changes to data with the secure audit log

  • Track email communications from within the system

  • Implement your company’s single sign-on protocol

  • Build data feeds between License Pro and your preferred third-party systems

  • Grant or restrict access to data fields based on the role of each user

Renewal workflow designer

Design renewal workflows with custom steps and automations that match your company’s business processes.

Alerts and notifications

Build notifications and reports to alert stakeholders across departments of license statuses, new openings, etc.

Custom workflows

Manage more than just renewals with custom workflows for new sites, personnel changes, and other critical business projects.


Automate manual processes like check requests, document storage, email notifications, and other recurring processes.

Dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Create personalized dashboards with widgets and KPIs to keep your team up to date and manage workload.


Integrate with other systems to send and receive data necessary for compliance work, e.g., payment processing, site management, sales.


Licensing is more than just managing renewals. CSC License Pro gives you tools to manage other types of compliance work that support keeping your organization compliant.


    CSC License Pro provides users with a library of licensing forms, including forms to open new locations, add products or services, and report ownership and personnel changes. The library also provides users with jurisdiction contact information.

    Access to this information streamlines licensing research by up to 90%, giving you more time to focus on other compliance duties.


    CSC License Pro helps users manage the required licenses and certifications of their employees—regardless of whether they are mandated by regulatory authorities or company policy.

    • Manage licensed professionals across the company

    • Track certifications and continuing education requirements

    • Manage notifications of turnover and location assignments

    • Document when professionals are reported on licensing (qualifiers, agents, PICs, etc.)

    • Create workflows to manage specific compliance processes for professionals

    • Easily store and quickly retrieve data and documents related to your professionals

    • Create visibility into the compliance status of your professionals with automated reports


    CSC License Pro brings together licensing and personnel data. Track officers, managers, and field personnel, as well as manage entity and ownership structure information from a single place.

    • Centralize filing entities, shareholders, and owners

    • Track officer changes and appointments

    • Maintain manager information across all locations

    • Record designated representatives reported on licenses

    • Design workflows for reporting licensed personnel

    • Communicate across teams to update personnel data

    • Integrate with HR systems to stay on top of personnel changes



We offer a variety of training courses to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to successfully manage your compliance processes.

Bridge Services

Bridge services connects CSC License Pro customers with product experts who perform work on their behalf, short-term. Ideal for managing unexpected leaves of absence, seasonal activity, or fast-approaching deadlines.

Professional Services

Professional services support our client base by working alongside them to optimize their software use and deliver performance improvements to their licensing and compliance operations.


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The next generation of compliance software for licensing and permitting professionals.

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