Business License Filings

CSC® understands the time investment and complexities associated with filing and renewing business licenses, permits, and tax registrations.

With more than 150,000 local, county, municipal, township, and special district governments in the United States, some organizations become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of business license forms to fill out and track.

Without properly filed business licenses, companies can incur penalties, shutdowns, and damage to their corporate reputations.

Trust CSC to handle the applications for you. CSC prepares and files all industry-specific business licenses and permits with the necessary governing filing authorities. We also advance payments at the jurisdiction level for clients with established credit.

For every business license filing, we will complete your application, deliver the materials to the licensing authorities, advance payments for the jurisdiction fees, and follow through with the licensing authority to ensure the successful completion of the business license filing.

Please request a consultation today to speak with a CSC specialist about your business license filings, or learn more about all of our business license services.