Real Estate Recording & Searching

Real Estate Recording Services

CSC® was the first to market with electronic document recording (eRecording) in the U.S. and we offer both paper and electronic real estate document recording solutions. We are the partner of choice for submitters of real estate documents as well as government recording offices because we provide a full suite of real estate document recording, search, and document retrieval services.

Real Estate Document eRecording

CSC provides a secure eRecording solution that allows document submitters—including title companies, law firms, and financial institutions—to electronically submit real estate documents to recording offices throughout the U.S. We also partner with government recording offices to electronically review, accept or reject, and return acknowledgement of real estate recordings to submitters through an interface with the office’s Land Records Management System or a stand-alone web interface. Visit for more information.

Real Estate Searching and Document Retrieval

Whether you're lending money against a property, determining what encumbrances already exist, or planning to foreclose, CSC will help you get the information you need to make an informed decision at a fraction of the cost of traditional providers. We offer ownership verification, mortgage, real estate tax, flood zone, owner and encumbrance, UCC fixture, grantee/grantor, and other searches. CSC can help retrieve copies of real estate documents filed with government recording offices, freeing you from the time and effort of dealing with a multitude of different jurisdictions.

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