CSC has been partnering with businesses and law firms large and small for more than 100 years to facilitate corporate transactions. We have a proven track record of success among the world’s top Fortune 500 companies and national law firms. Partner with us to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and ensure your next deal is a success.

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M&A Research

  • CSC can expeditiously retrieve certified and plain copies of corporate documents, including good standing certificates, formation documents, bring-down letters, DBA filings, apostilles, authentications, legalizations, filed annual reports, and an array of business documents that may be needed before close.

  • Bring-downs are often needed for financial closings, due diligence searches, property transactions, assets sales, and mergers and acquisitions.

  • CSC provides more Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) search records with the industry’s largest online UCC database of information and images, including tax lien searches and debtor searches. We deliver results faster than any other UCC filing service provider.

Delaware Trust is fully equipped to facilitate:

  • M&A-related escrow holdback for cash and stock

  • Paying Agent services to pay “target company” shareholders

  • Payments to warrant holders and non-employee option holders

  • 363 bankruptcy sales

  • Subscription Escrow services for capital raises

  • CSC provides Real Estate Document Recording solutions in more than 3,600 recording jurisdictions nationwide. Our comprehensive and easy-to-use application, ePrepare®, provides access to our eRecording network, paper recording jurisdictions (non-electronic), nationwide property searches, and additional services to support all types of real estate transactions.

M&A post-deal administration

  • Partner with CSC for Registered Agent service to make integrating acquisitions into your portfolio easy.

    • For newly acquired entities, we can perform an audit to determine where there are state registrations, the current status, the last filed annual report, and the current agent of record. We’ll deliver the results in a comprehensive audit report.

  • After a merger or acquisition, you may need to update your corporate records, both internally and with governing authorities like the secretary of state corporate division.



CSCNavigator®—our unified legal and compliance portfolio management system—powers our corporate compliance solutions. Corporate legal departments, compliance professionals, and business owners use this platform to securely manage their entities, annual reports, corporate filings, service of process (SOP), litigation, deals, business licenses, contracts, and many other business needs.


CSC Entity Management

CSC Entity ManagementSM software offers you a clear view of governance and compliance activities throughout your company, as well as valuable insight into the health and status of all your entities.



  • What should I keep in mind as I’m preparing for a merger or acquisition?

    • M&A deals are complex from beginning to end, so it’s important that all parties have a thorough understanding of what to expect throughout the process.

    • Download our M&A checklist for a comprehensive overview of what you’ll need, when you’ll need it, and how CSC can help.

  • Now that my merger or acquisition is complete, what comes next?

    • Congratulations on completing your business deal! There are still a number of important compliance-related activities to sort through, including business licenses, name change filings, domain names, and more.

    • Download our M&A checklist for more post-deal details.

  • What is a bring-down certificate?

    A bring-down is a verbal status or real-time online search result on official letterhead that you obtain from a jurisdiction. It reflects your entity’s status at a certain date and time. You can use it to close the gap between the date of your last good standing certificate and the closing date, or to confirm good standing before you receive a long-form good standing certificate.

  • What is escrow in M&A?

    In an M&A transaction, the purchaser may require a portion of the selling price to be held in escrow for a given period of time, usually between one and three years. If during the escrow period the purchaser incurs unanticipated costs as a result of its purchase of the company, they can tap into the escrow fund to help cover those costs. Alternatively, if the purchaser never needs to use the escrow fund, the funds would be distributed to the seller at the end of the escrow period.


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