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Success Story - ConocoPhillips

Using Corptax BOTS for a Better Night’s Sleep


ConocoPhillips had taken the first step toward using a BOT to automate their trial balance import process. They ran into a problem, however. During the monthly close period, a team member had to wake up at 1:30 am to launch the BOT—and again at 4:00 am to review the process for failures and rejects—all to ensure the team started their day with current, accurate data.

And that staff member’s day didn’t end there! Due to a demanding timeline and limited resources, this dedicated employee still worked a full day.

ConocoPhillips decided to take the BOT to the next level!


Already successfully using CSC Corptax® Provision, ConocoPhillips focused on “finding a way to use the least human intervention possible.”

With virtual assistance from CSC Corptax® Professional Services, ConocoPhillips added Web API and Data Exchange features to their process.


Now, the team uses Data Exchange to instantly and independently launch the import BOT whenever a new source document is uploaded to a shared database.

An import package kicks off 17 post-execution tasks in 15 seconds, including automatic amount posting, adjustments, international computations, and workpaper updates!

This ‘seamless process’ occurs while preparers get invaluable rest, and it gives them complete and current data each morning.

The provision team saves approximately 60 to 90 hours by eliminating manual source data imports, workpaper updates, adjustments, and calculations. Plus, they appreciate having time to spend on value-adding tasks—and getting the rest they need to perform at a higher level.