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Success Story - Curran Group Inc.

Automation Saves Time, Headaches, and Hassle – Don’t Miss This!


Every tax season, the team at Curran Group files hundreds of state returns—on time and without sacrificing quality or accuracy. An overly manual process bogged down tax preparation, reducing time available for reviews. They needed a way to automate data input and the different tax adjustments required for each state and company.


Using CSC Corptax® Office, the Curran Group automates the adjustment process for state and federal returns, specifically:

  • Comparing prior year adjustments to current year for all states and entities in order to spot material changes and to calculate differentials
  • In seconds, automatically pushing current year adjustments into Corptax for all state returns

Curran Group points to the tremendous value CSC Corptax® Support Services provides virtually on demand—including quick return calls, live, courteous, and knowledgeable help, and follow-up documentation after each call.


The Curran Group’s adjustments template automatically rolls forward year over year, compounding the benefits they’ve accrued so far.

  • Saves 50 hours of manual labor annually
  • Eliminates thousands of adjustments entered by hand
  • Decreases errors and headaches and boosts morale
  • Frees staff for reviews and complex projects that add value to the company