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Success Story - DISH Network

In-house vs. Outsourcing: Regaining Confidence and Control


Outsourcing their federal return process proved challenging for DISH Network. Once they received their data:

  • Consolidating two returns took more than a month with overrides and customization
  • Finalizing books required four people
  • Managing inconsistency between firm’s data and DISH’s data was time-consuming and difficult
  • Analyzing massive workpapers and organizing data to support audits drained resources

DISH determined they needed to bring their tax work in-house to regain control over accounts and adjustments, improve workpapers, precisely structure their data, and have supporting documentation at the ready.


DISH implemented CSC Corptax® Compliance themselves, finding it easy and non-intrusive. The team adapted quickly based on the familiar and friendly interface.


Now, with their tax data structured and secured in a single system, DISH accelerates federal consolidation.

  • Completes books in one day with one person vs. four people
  • Consolidates two returns in three days vs. one month
  • Saves ~$350,000 annually above software cost
  • Directly accesses underlying data to support audit cycles
  • Maintains data security