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Success Story - Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.

Walgreens Transforms Compliance Apportionment Using Corptax


The Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. (WBA) apportionment process relied on 80+ Excel® spreadsheets in order to analyze and adjust apportionment factors. A copy and paste method of disparate financial data was used to compile each entity’s workpaper and required manipulation in Excel before importing calculated amounts to CSC Corptax®.

Other challenges the team faced:

  • Manually analyzing data sources through formulas and linked workbooks which questioned data integrity
  • Lack of traceability between workpapers and Corptax due to final results being submitted
  • Uncertainty of Excel macro usage placed a risk on calculations


WBA created a holistic solution by standardizing workpaper templates and integrating CSC Corptax® Office and Data Exchange in order to:

  • Reduce workpapers from 80+ to 6 to perform the calculation
  • Create tax-sensitized state GL accounts before loading into Corptax
  • Create apportionment adjustment codes to facilitate book-to-tax work
  • Push and pull data to validate and load manual adjustments
  • Centralize business rules that pertain to WBA


Corptax Office and Data Exchange transformed WBA’s apportionment process by enabling team members to focus on more value-added compliance tasks. Additional benefits include:

  • Elimination of ~800 hours of non-value-added compliance activities
  • Immediate validation of book data between federal and state trial balances
  • ~ 2 hours to automatically post recurring reclasses and special allocations for all entities
  • Enhanced usage of out-of-the-box apportionment reports in Corptax
  • Ability to query data for state tax strategy and planning scenarios
  • Added transparency and documentation for audit support