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How to Choose a Qualified Registered Agent

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A registered agent is an individual or third party (company) responsible for receiving legal documents, aka service of process (SOP), on behalf of an entity. Because they are granted so much authority, you should choose your registered agent carefully, holding them to a high standard of trust and care.

Best practices for choosing a registered agent

Choosing a registered agent can be hard, and compliance teams are already inundated with a tremendous range of responsibilities to keep up with every day. Find a registered agent who has a dedicated team of experienced professionals focused on serving your needs. Make sure they can address any concerns related to the receipt and delivery of SOP documents, so you can rest assured you won't experience disruptions or delivery issues.

At CSC, we have extensive experience supporting businesses of all sizes. We'll customize our service and support structure to best address the unique dynamics of your organization. And we offer ongoing training—both scheduled group sessions and personalized training—to make sure everyone on your team is familiar with the tools available to them as your business evolves.

World-class service is fundamental for a reliable registered agent. But in today's digital age, and with the rise of remote working environments, you need to have the right technology for collaboration and transparency. Managing a large volume of SOP and compliance information demands powerful and intuitive technology.

When you choose CSC, you'll find our high level of service is matched by our robust technology. Our unified CSCNavigator® platform powers our compliance solutions, so your vital compliance events, entity data, and SOP are managed in a single, secure location. Plus, you'll get same-day scanning and electronic delivery of SOP with online tracking, text-searchable SOP pages, and robust and fully customizable SOP-routing rules. These powerful tools will keep you up to date on all entity and SOP matters.

Security is essential when relying on a registered agent to handle your legal documents. You'll want to ask comprehensive questions to make sure that your registered agent not only offers a robust security model, but that any vendors they partner with maintain equally strict security measures. At CSC, we take extensive measures to protect your data and documents—and we hire third-party auditors to ensure we're meeting the highest security standards available. We maintain all CSC applications and data on our own servers in a U.S.-based ISO 27001—certified and Service Organization Control (SOC)—audited hosting environment. Our comprehensive, layered approach to security ensures that you get the most thorough protection possible for you and your team, your data, and the CSC service team members accessing it.

You have a lot to consider when choosing a registered agent. Base your decision on how well they meet your desired criteria. Also, consider the legal expense of making up for a single mistake by an inadequate registered agent, which can be much higher than a qualified agent's fees.

When you choose CSC, you'll find no surprises in our invoices. Our competitors, on the other hand, add jurisdiction access fees or communication or electronic delivery fees—and they don't usually tell you about these substantial fees upfront.

Conduct extensive due diligence on any registered agent you're considering. Look at their expertise, experience, and technology. Any registered agent can produce impressive marketing materials promising high-quality service. You need to make sure they'll deliver on those promises.

It's also critically important that you understand a registered agent's SOP network, or lack thereof. CSC does not rely on a network of small, potentially unstable local affiliates to deliver services. CSC does not outsource or offshore SOP decisions to any third-party providers. Smaller registered agent providers are usually a loose confederation of independent businesses and individuals—not an established partner.

How CSC can help

CSC's Registered Agent services offer award-winning service, industry-leading technology, and unmatched security for dependability without compromise.

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