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Corporation Service Company Acquires Koehler Group

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November 2, 2015

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Laura Crozier
Public Relations Manager
(302) 636-5400 x65526

Sven Koehler
Managing Director
852 2345-7555
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WILMINGTON, Del. – CSC®, announced today that it has acquired Koehler Group, a Hong Kong-headquartered provider of incorporation, tax, accounting, and trade support services.

"We view this acquisition as a significant opportunity to offer international expansion services to our U.S. and international corporate customers," said CSC Vice President Jim Stoltzfus. "We are excited about what this development means for our clients with subsidiaries in the Asia-Pacific region."

Founded in 1979, Koehler Group is one of the strongest mid-tier corporate service providers in Asia, with 92 accountants, trade consultants, and legal professionals on the ground in Hong Kong, Singapore, and mainland China.

U.S.-based CSC is a leading global provider of corporate compliance and transactional services, including entity filings, due diligence requirements, and global subsidiary management. CSC also provides tax services and digital brand services, as well as corporate office, governance, and other domiciliation services for international special purpose vehicles and holding companies.

Koehler Group's offerings complement CSC's existing services and expertise and provide CSC with additional business process outsourcing capabilities, for a complete overseas corporate services offering.

"By joining forces with CSC, we are reinforcing our local expertise with CSC's global capabilities in light of the ongoing globalization and expansion of corporate clients," said Koehler Group Managing Director Sven Koehler. "We share CSC's vision of becoming the leading global corporate service provider in our industry. And by joining together, we will be able to offer more services to our local clients, as well expand our offerings to clients in North America, Europe, and Australia."

The acquisition offers a platform for CSC's continued growth in the Asia-Pacific region and expands the company's already considerable global footprint. CSC has offices located throughout North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.

About CSC

Corporation Service Company (CSC), a privately held business and legal services organization, provides representation, corporate compliance and subsidiary management, and trustee services for companies and law firms worldwide; digital brand services for top global brands; and due diligence and transactional services for the world's largest financial institutions. Founded in 1899, CSC has more than 2,200 employees throughout North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. Learn more at

Koehler Group

Koehler Group is an international accounting and management consulting firm established in 1979. Koehler Group provides a wide range of market entry consulting, incorporation, tax, accounting, trade support, and human resource services to organizations interested in expanding into Hong Kong, Singapore, and mainland China. Learn more at