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CSC Introduces New Domain Name Security Intelligence API at the Cyber Defense Summit 2019 Hosted by FireEye

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October 9, 2019

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WILMINGTON, Del. – CSC® announces a new domain name security intelligence API that can now bring together the power of CSC's domain name security intelligence with other cloud-based security operations platforms. Debuting today at the FireEye Cyber Defense Summit 2019, this new solution will help the world's leading security experts, government leaders, and executives from various industries address important challenges in today's cyber threat landscape, including the vulnerability of digital assets like domains, domain name systems (DNS), and digital certificates outside the firewall, noted by both companies as serious security blind spots.

Cyber threats such as domain name and DNS hijacking events enable criminals to redirect web traffic, email, apps, and other connections to services that rely on the hijacked domain name. The exploitation of weaknesses in DNS infrastructure is caused by a lack of controls, processes, and policies with most organizations. For clients leveraging a security operations platform or a SIEM, it's now possible to display all your security intelligence in one place, adding security controls for domains, DNS, and digital certificates. This insight can help organizations mitigate the disruption of business continuity, leading to financial repercussions, loss of consumer trust, and sensitive data leaks. This is the first time any organization is able to integrate security controls for digital assets outside the firewall into their security operations platform including a SIEM.

"Customers today have vendor fatigue and are overwhelmed by managing multiple, disparate security solutions. With the CSC API accessible, our mutual customers will be able to monitor a suite of security events that occur outside their company's firewall when integrated with the FireEye Helix Security Platform," says Sean Morton, vice president of Customer Experience at FireEye. "Detecting risks such as DNS and domain name hijacking removes a significant blind spot in a company's security strategy, providing valuable intelligence and alerts inside our security operations platform, ultimately increasing the efficiency and incident response times dealing with cyber threats."

"As the world's leading corporate domain name registrar, CSC is the only company in the unique position to provide visibility into the cyber risks associated with your business-critical digital assets outside the firewall—domains, DNS, and digital certificates. Coupled with other security operations platforms like FireEye Helix, our joint customers have access to a next generation security platform," says Mark Calandra, senior vice president, CSC Digital Brand Services. "In response to the risk of DNS hijacking and other cyber crime noted in the Department of Homeland Security's emergency directive and the UK National Cyber Security Centre's security advisory, CSC's advanced proprietary algorithms are designed to expose these blind spots that are a critical component for enhancing the security posture of any company with an online presence."

The Cyber Defense Summit is being hosted by FireEye, and the conference takes place October 9-10, 2019, in Washington, D.C. CSC representatives will be in the exhibition hall to discuss CSC's new Domain Name Security Intelligence API and its integration with FireEye Helix. We will also be discussing our recent Cyber Security Report highlighting the domain name security posture of global government defense contractors.

About CSC

CSC supports companies that are making significant investments in their security posture by exposing blind spots that exist within fundamental internet assets such as domain names, DNS, and digital certificates. By leveraging our proprietary security solutions, CSC secures companies from cyber threats to their digital assets, helping them avoid devastating revenue loss, brand reputation damage, or significant financial penalties as a result of policies like GDPR. Along with internet assets, CSC protects online brands that are being exploited via counterfeit websites, fraud, and IP violations, and helps monitor and mitigate this, providing enforcement and advisory services to protect many of the world's largest brands.
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