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SPV Domiciliation for Capital Markets Transactions

Special purpose vehicles (SPVs) are a crucial component of the capital markets industry. Jurisdictions across the globe offer innovative and efficient regimes to promote themselves as a location of choice for establishing SPVs.

CSC has prepared a guide outlining the practicalities and issues to consider when setting up an SPV for capital markets transactions in the world’s top jurisdictions. Our experts share their insights into differing local requirements, the steps involved with establishing an SPV, associated costs, unique country-by-country reporting requirements, and how to streamline the process.

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In this paper, we outline the practicalities and issues that you should be aware of when setting up an SPV for capital markets transactions in seven of the world's key centers for structured finance transactions:

  • Ireland

  • The U.K.

  • Luxembourg

  • The Netherlands

  • Jersey

  • Singapore

  • The Cayman Islands

Our experts in these jurisdictions share insights and discuss how they support the creation and maintenance of your SPV.