When it comes to motor vehicle title processing, you must make the appropriate title filings in relevant jurisdictions to properly establish your security interests. Otherwise, you face the risk of carrying a substantial number of unperfected liens. Turn to CSC. Our comprehensive Title Management services for corporations, law firms, financial institutions, leasing companies, and dealerships turn transactions filled with complex requirements into a simpler process from start to finish.

Motor Vehicle Title Management Services | CSC


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Real-time results

See the status of your transaction processing and client information exchange at any time.

One comprehensive platform

Online integrated applications let you view and manage your title services portfolio—electronic or paper—from one single, secure source.

Electronic lien title (ELT) and paper title security

We provide a state-of-the art title storage facility for paper records and secure exchange of title information with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).


Motor vehicle services

Financial institutions and corporations face the daunting task of managing titles and other documentation for vehicles they’re financing. Paper documents can easily go astray, and communications among lender, auto dealer, auto buyer, and the state DMV don’t always go smoothly as liens change hands. CSC guarantees that your titles are available when you need them, so you’ll never have to spend time or money locating or replacing lost titles.

CSC offers easy management of your portfolio and immediate turnaround on your title release requests. We send released titles directly to you, your clients, dealerships, or auction houses to further simplify your workflow process.

  • Release of title: Titles released as authorized by lien holder or customer

  • Inventory management: Automated inventory tracking system

  • Record maintenance: Customized reporting capabilities

  • Title image access: 24/7 web tool to manage title portfolio and view title images

  • Title searches: Includes owner’s name, lien holder, make, and vehicle identification number

  • Vehicle ownership history: Complete chain of ownership on record in the state searched

CSC will supply requirements information, prepare applications, and review them for accuracy and conformity to local requirements before submitting any service requests to the jurisdiction:

  • Titling: Includes original title, corrected title, duplicate title, repossession title, new title resulting from ownership or state transfers, and new title with additional or transfer of lien holder

  • Registration: Includes original registration, new registration resulting from ownership or state transfer, and duplicate registration cards or tags

* Search information may be limited in specific states due to privacy laws.



CSC provides a secure electronic recording (eRecording) solution that allows document submitters—including title companies, law firms, and financial institutions—to electronically submit real estate documents to recording offices throughout the U.S.



  • What types of vehicles do you cover?

    We cover all types of vehicles, including passenger cars, buses, trucks, watercraft, and manufactured homes.

  • How do you store the paper titles?

    CSC stores paper records within state-of-the-art title storage facilities. Features of the building include:

    • All concrete, masonry, and steel construction

    • No combustible energy source on premises

    • Three-hour fire-rated vault

    • Fire suppression within the office interior

    • No windows for added security

    • Dual secure entryways with camera monitoring system at each entrance for added security and access control

    • Single-story, on-grade design to prevent building fall-in, prevent below-grade flooding, and provide increased tornado resistance

    • Pitched metal roof design with all mechanicals located on the ground to avoid water damage inside of the facility

    • On-site generator

  • How is paperwork submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)?

    In most jurisdictions, CSC has established relationships with local remitters that hand-deliver your paperwork to the DMV. Your work will never sit untouched on the desk at the DMV office.


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