As your company changes, so do your business license needs. To help streamline the process, CSC offers comprehensive license research services that make it easy to understand the requirements for new locations, make changes to existing locations, or uncover which licenses actually exist. Whether you’re a newly established business wondering how to fulfill your licensing obligations, or an existing corporation seeking to expand your business lines or geographic footprint, CSC has the solution for all your research needs.

Business License Research Services | CSC


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Comprehensive research

CSC’s industry-leading research methodology leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your licenses. Your final report will clearly outline all the details needed for a successful filing.

Unmatched outsourced licensing service

You’ll work with a dedicated account manager who will make sense of your licensing requirements and take care of all applications and renewals on your behalf.

Robust technology

Access our secure, web-based Business License Portfolio Management platform that puts your entire portfolio at your fingertips.


  • Ideal for new locations, detailed research uncovers all your business licensing requirements with state, county, and municipal licensing authorities.

  • CSC conducts research with the jurisdictional authorities and sends a detailed report with relevant license applications specific to your location, industry type, and business activities.

  • We send applications to you as fillable PDFs, along with filing tips, licensing contact information, and a breakdown of the required fees. You simply complete the forms, sign them, and return them with payment.

CSC performs detailed research to uncover business license requirements at the state, county, and municipal authorities as indicated by the issuing offices, and verifies what is currently on file.

  • CSC customizes its research based on your company’s specific needs, conducting it based on location, industry, business activities, and products and services.

  • We send you a detailed report outlining license numbers, types, assignees, and statuses, including any gaps in licensure, any licenses filed unnecessarily, and any applications as identified by the jurisdiction. CSC also provides copies of existing licenses if applicable by the jurisdiction.

    • When you take advantage of our outsourcing services, your documents will be stored on our secure, single-point-of-entry compliance management platform.



CSCNavigator®—our unified legal and compliance portfolio management system—powers our corporate compliance solutions. Corporate legal departments, compliance professionals, and business owners use this platform to securely manage their entities, annual reports, corporate filings, service of process (SOP), litigation, deals, business licenses, contracts, and many other business needs.


Business License Portfolio Management

CSC's Business License Portfolio Management system consolidates and streamlines your business license management processes—whether you currently use spreadsheets, paper files, or no system at all.



  • What business licenses do I need? How do I begin my search?

    Start by searching online for who oversees business licensure in your jurisdiction. Begin at the state level and note any requirements they have, and work your way down to county and municipality level, repeating this process as necessary.

    State secretaries of state are often good places to begin your search, but this will vary from state to state.

  • Are there industry-specific business licenses?

    Knowing what industries require business licenses can help narrow your search. Licenses are often required for insurance, banking, building and construction, real estate, hospitality, retail, industrial, architecture and surveying, and accountancy. But you should always do your due diligence and research if a license is required for your industry in your jurisdiction.

  • How do I find time to apply for a business license?

    You don’t have to research everything in one go; you can research as you have time. However, obtaining business licenses can take several weeks or even months, so be sure to dedicate ample time for the application and review process. As an alternative, you can use a business license service like CSC to handle the research and filing process for you.


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