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Infrastructure and Project Finance

Unleash success with CSC's expert project finance solutions

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Project finance is a limited or non-recourse financing technique for capital-intensive projects that relies on cash flows generated by the project to repay financing. From infrastructure development to energy projects, project finance structures are evolving to meet the needs of an increasingly complex market.

The complexities in a project finance transaction include the need to navigate the web of global and local regulatory frameworks, detailed cash flow waterfalls (often in multiple currencies), and meeting the requirements and needs of diverse project stakeholders. These deals demand the support of a skilled and experienced agency and trust partner that understands the financing structure being utilized, provides input on administrative and operational aspects of the structure, and can address any situation arises from deal conception through maturity.


CSC excels in precise execution, ensuring fast, accurate, and efficient implementation, coupled with ongoing administration that sets a new standard of excellence. Our quick turnaround on Know Your Client due diligence, commercial approach to documentation review and negotiation, and extensive track record in diverse asset classes and financing structures worldwide showcases our expertise in executing project finance transactions.

Client focus and flawless execution

Client focus and flawless execution

CSC brings excellence to every transaction, whether it involves disbursement to the lender, funding for the borrower, or administering consents, waivers, and amendments. Our financial acumen and stability make us the preferred partner for global ventures, even in volatile markets.



Our reliability and longevity assures clients that their funds are secure, and that CSC is in the deal for the long-term. While all project finance transactions share fundamental structural similarities, each deal is unique, requiring bespoke solutions that we provide from our full suite of products and services.

Global reach, local expertise

Global reach, local expertise

We're capable of supporting cross-border transactions as well as servicing domestic deals. Our professionalism and knowledge extend to domestic commercial bank syndication, international debt capital markets, private equity financing, and cross-border transactions utilizing export credit agencies and development finance institutions, or combinations of these markets like multi-source financings.

Expert guidance at every step

Expert guidance at every step

Whether it's your first deal or fiftieth, our team ensures the necessary support to close the deal. Our professionals are unmatched in expertise and execution across all facets and life cycles of deals. We're multilingual and familiar with relevant legal variations from country to country.


Facilitating secure fund holding and disbursement during specific project stages, ensuring funds are released only when precedent conditions are met.

Manage and protect project collateral, such as mortgages, contracts, securities, fixed and movable assets, and other agreed-upon secured assets.

Administering duties involve facilitating communication between borrower and lenders, processing draws, disbursing funds, calculating payments to lenders, coordination of lenders’ rights and remedies in case of a default, and managing documentation precisely according to relevant conditions.

Safeguarding lenders' interests by holding and managing security on their behalf, overseeing collateral arrangements to protect lenders in case of default.

Managing bond issuances, ensuring compliance with bond agreements, facilitating communication between issuers and bondholders, managing payments, and monitoring compliance.

Managing legal and financial aspects of the SPV, ensuring it operates in accordance with its purpose and legal requirements.

Providing independent oversight, representing stakeholders' interests, upholding corporate governance standards, and making impartial decisions


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