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Mergers and Acquisitions

Empowering M&A success with expert Agency, Trustee, and Escrow services

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Merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions are complex, potentially risky, and require careful planning and execution. Professional Agency and Trustee services can smooth the course by managing relationships, ensuring legal compliance, and protecting assets throughout the process. The specific services required in an M&A transaction will depend on the transaction's complexity and the needs and preferences of the parties involved. Ensuring a successful outcome, from negotiating holdback provisions and post-closing liabilities to structuring deferred consideration and earnouts, there are many factors to consider when planning M&A deal.


Escrow services

Escrow services

We securely hold funds or assets on behalf of transacting parties, releasing them only when predetermined conditions are met, ensuring a smooth transaction.

Paying Agent

Paying Agent

We manage disbursements and ensure timely and accurate payments in complex financial transactions, facilitating seamless financial flow.

Custody services

Custody services

We safeguard and account for your assets such as custody documents, securities, and intellectual property, adhering to regulatory standards and providing transparency and security in the custody process.

Additional services

  • Acquisition Financing and Capital Raisings

  • Asset Sales and Divestitures

  • Real Estate Financing, Sales, and Purchases

  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution

  • Reorganizations

  • Liquidations


As a global and independent capital markets service provider, we excel in addressing your project’s challenges. Our team of professionals specializes in M&A transactions, guiding you through even the most intricate deals. With a global presence, we can facilitate transactions in various jurisdictions, adapting to local regulations and customs. Our independence as a neutral, third-party provider ensures fairness and trust among all parties involved.

At CSC, we understand the complexities of M&A and offer comprehensive Agency, Trust, and Escrow services designed to facilitate these high-stakes transactions.

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