Annual Report Services

Annual report filing and franchise tax report services save you time

Preparing and filing annual reports for all your entities demands time, diligence, and expense. The challenge lies in meeting deadlines and filing requirements, which vary from state to state. Many secretaries of state send annual reminders less frequently, so your business could very easily be left in the dark about when your annual reports are due.

Missed filings could result in a loss of good standing, reinstatement fees, penalties, and interest.

Save time and reduce your chances of filing mishaps by outsourcing your annual reports, franchise tax report, and e-filing services to CSC.

CSC’s annual report preparation and filing services do more for your company

With our Annual Report services, CSC’s compliance specialists will:

  • Conduct an initial audit of the status of all your entities
  • Track filing deadlines, prepare and submit all of your franchise tax reports to prevent delinquent annual reports
  • Prepare and file annual reports on your behalf
  • Update your entity information online with CSC Entity Management

Why choose CSC for your annual report preparation

  • Eliminate unreliable tracking methods of annual report filing
  • Reduce the risk of missed or rejected annual report filings and keep your business in compliance
  • Reports are generally ready 30 days before the annual report due date, so that your business can meet jurisdictional requirements
  • CSC can assist your business with filing an annual report in any state

By letting CSC take care of your day-to-day annual report filing needs, you’ll have time to focus on other, more ambitious business goals.

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