Annual Report Services

Preparing and filing annual reports for all your entities demands time, diligence, and expense.

Deadlines and filing requirements vary from state to state, and with annual reminders becoming a less-common courtesy, it's easy to be left in the dark about when your annual reports are due.

Save time and reduce your chances of filing mishaps by outsourcing your annual reports services to CSC®.

  • Conduct an initial audit of the status of all your entities in every jurisdiction
  • Track filing deadlines for all of your annual reports
  • Prepare annual reports on your behalf and file the completed documents
  • Update your entity information in our online Entity Management system

Our Business Compliance specialists will prepare and submit all of your annual report paperwork and even advance fees to the offices of the Secretary of State in all jurisdictions that accept electronic and conformed signatures. Your Annual Reports are generally ready 30 days before they're due, giving you the advantage when it comes to meeting your jurisdictional requirements.

  • Eliminate unreliable tracking methods
  • Reduce the risk of missed filings and loss of good standing
  • Avoid the cost of reinstatement fees, penalties, and interest, and even the expense of cutting and mailing checks.

By letting CSC take care of your day-to-day annual report needs, you'll have time to focus on other, more ambitious business goals.

For more information about Annual Report Preparation and Filing services from CSC, complete the brief form to the right. A CSC specialist will contact you soon.

What is an annual report?

Each state requires companies that are incorporated or registered to transact business to file an annual report. Deadlines and required business information varies by state. This information allows the state to track revenue and updated information for each business within that state.

When are annual reports due?

Deadlines and filing requirements vary by state and reports are typically due annually, unless otherwise indicated. Annual report specialists have access to state deadlines and required information for certain business entities. Contact your state’s Department of Revenue, secretary of state, or your corporate services provider to obtain your entity’s annual report due date.

Who can file annual reports?

An annual report specialist within your company can prepare and file your annual reports due to the offices of the secretaries of state where your company does business. But many companies outsource this job to save time, and reduce filing errors and missed deadlines. This is also useful in preventing loss of good standing and helping to reduce the likelihood of late fees and penalties. Outsourcing your annual report filing gives you peace of mind, and allows you to focus on day-to-day business needs and goals. Fill out the form to the right to learn more about outsourcing your annual report preparation and filing.

What is the cost of annual report preparation and filing?

Annual report filing fees differ depending on the state, number, and type of entities, as well as services used to prepare and file. Failure to file by a state’s due date may also have an impact on the cost, as many states typically charge a late fee for reports that miss the deadline. Outsourcing your annual report preparation and filing could eliminate missing deadlines and being assessed late fees.