File or Renew Business Licenses

Stay in compliance with license filing and renewals with CSC

CSC understands the time investment and complexities associated with filing and renewing business licenses, permits, and tax registrations.

We liaise with the more than 160,000 local, county, municipal, township, and special district governments in the U.S. to keep track of due dates and changing requirements for you. We fill out forms and track license filings and renewals through to completion on your behalf.

When you work with CSC for business license filing and renewal, your company is fully supported, and CSC business license experts become a true extension of your team.

CSC’s business license filing and renewal management

For every business license filing or renewal, CSC will:

  • Obtain the necessary documents
  • Collaborate with you on completion of the information
  • Complete your application
  • Deliver the materials to the licensing authorities
  • Confirm that your business license has been successfully filed with the licensing authority

We proactively follow up with the jurisdiction though completion of your license renewal or application, upload the business license images to your web-based portfolio, and mail you the originals.

Why choose CSC for business license filings and renewals

Every state and city has their own process for filing or renewing business licenses. CSC’s Business License Outsourcing solution is a partnership with your company and an extension of your compliance department. We provide you with a dedicated and knowledgeable business license account manager who is responsible for the ongoing compliance of your portfolio. Along with access to our secure Business License Portfolio Management platform, your entire business license portfolio is at your fingertips.

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