Business License Outsourcing

Outsource your license management process

Whether you currently use spreadsheets, paper files, or have no business license management system at all, CSC can help you consolidate and streamline your business license processes, increase transparency, reduce risk, and minimize the administrative burden for your compliance team.

Business license outsourcing

Many companies choose to outsource their entire business license renewal process to CSC. We can serve as your full service licensing department, freeing your company from compliance management, while handling your ongoing licensing needs with professionalism and consistency.

We provide you with a dedicated and knowledgeable business license account manager who is responsible for the ongoing compliance of your portfolio. Along with access to our secure Business License Portfolio Management platform, your entire business license portfolio is at your fingertips. We partner with you to file initial applications and complete renewals, and have a support team in place to conduct research on the industry-specific and jurisdiction-specific licenses you may need as your business expands or requirements change.

Partnering with CSC for outsourcing gives you access to our secure, web-based Business License Portfolio Management platform, giving you full visibility into your portfolio of license data and the associated documents that CSC manages on your behalf. This platform allows an unlimited number of users that you designate, so your teams have the appropriate transparency into your licenses 24/7.

Organizations large and small trust CSC for reliable, consistent, and transparent full-service outsourcing.

Why businesses outsource business license management to CSC

Our Business License Portfolio Management platform helps you prevent missed license filings and stay in compliance with state, county, and municipal filing requirements and renewals.

  • Minimize your risk. You won’t miss filings, giving you peace of mind.
  • Decrease your administrative burden. We provide time savings and streamlined processes.
  • Eliminate complexity. Our people do this every day; we’re the experts.
  • Implement transparency. Your entire license portfolio is viewable with web-based centralization.
  • Reduce cost. Whether that means time, money, or quality, your focus can be spent building your business.

If you opt for our service, CSC will provide an unmatched level of expertise on license matters in more than 160,000 U.S. jurisdictions.

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