Business License Services

Across the U.S. there are more than 160,000 local, county, municipal, township, and special district governments, each with its own business license, permit, and tax registration demands. Meeting the challenges of business compliance can mean tracking down scores of deadlines and spending your valuable hours corresponding with any number of federal, state, and regional offices.

Leave your business licensing worries behind with help from CSC®. We take the complex job of business license and permit management and turn it into a streamlined, foolproof process.

Regardless of your industry, location, or number of entities, we make it easy to meet all of your obligations in a timely, budget-minded fashion while avoiding the significant pitfalls of non-compliance. Fill out the form to the right of the page to learn more about business license services from CSC.

  • Help you avoid unwanted penalties, legal action, and loss of good standing

Our full range of business license services is designed to reduce the time, effort, and expense involved with researching, preparing, and filing your applications, as well as renewing and managing your license and permit portfolio.

Whether you're a newly established business wondering how to fulfill your licensing obligations or an existing corporation seeking to expand your business lines or geographic footprint, CSC has the expertise you need to overcome your every compliance challenge.

Looking for a total business license management solution?

Many companies choose to outsource their entire business license and permit process to CSC. We can serve as your off-site licensing department, freeing your company from the day-to-day chore of compliance management and handling your account with professionalism and consistency.

Our Business Compliance specialists will make sense of your licensing requirements and take care of all your applications and renewals. We'll even advance fees to the appropriate jurisdictions on your behalf and bill you later, saving you time and trouble.

For more information about CSC's Business License Services, complete the brief form to the right. A CSC specialist will contact you soon.