DBA Management Services

Outsource your DBA portfolio management to save time

DBA management and filing services from CSC

CSC’s DBA Management service puts your entire “doing business as” (DBA) portfolio at your fingertips, giving you instant access to your complete DBA filing history. Our DBA Management service makes it easy to monitor the status of each of your DBAs. No matter how large the corporation, CSC takes care of your ongoing compliance and good standing maintenance. CSC’s DBA management service will:

  • Update your DBA registration information in our secure entity management software
  • Monitor elective and forced DBAs at the secretary of state and local levels
  • Monitor true names at the secretary of state level
  • Review renewal dates 45 days in advance of any DBA filing
  • Prepare and send subsequent DBA renewal filings, including publishing and recording requirements
  • Append filing confirmations to your entities through our electronic document integration feature

Why choose CSC for DBA management

With services offered in all 50 states, CSC provides the industry’s best tools to help companies manage their DBA portfolios. In fact, we’re proud to say we were the first in the business to offer a secure DBA portfolio management solution.

Like all of CSC’s corporate compliance solutions, our DBA Management service is powered by CSCNavigator®, giving you total control over all of your corporate compliance activities and analytics. Review your records at any time with nothing more than a secure internet connection and an authorized login. Additionally, there’s no need for seat licenses or IT support.

The administrative burden of staying on top of filing deadlines and completing the associated renewal filings is work best suited for a world-class partner like CSC. Stop tracking each state’s DBA filing deadlines using spreadsheets or personal calendars and let CSC do the work for you. We’ll track all of your DBA registrations, filings, and publication requirements, so you can rest assured that your names will be filed on time, every time.

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