UCC Monitoring Services

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CSC® has served the UCC community for nearly six decades. Through our UCC web services, we process millions of UCC searches and filings annually and monitor millions of UCC filings for expiration or continuation. For more information about our UCC monitoring services, complete the brief form to the right and a specialist will contact you. 

Receive notification of corporate data changes. The CSC filing preparation tool automatically compares the business debtor name and location to state corporate data as you enter it into our system and identifies potential discrepancies for further review. We monitor your UCC filings and, when any changes to the name or status occur, send you an e-mail alert with a link to the tracking results.

Monitor the expiration dates of your UCC filings. You can easily track the expiration dates of your entire portfolio of UCC financing statement filings with CSC. We will automatically notify you up to six months prior to your UCC filings' expiration dates. From this notification, you can quickly decide which UCC filings require continuation and which can lapse. You can even run your own expiration report at any time with our flexible reporting tools.

Monitor your debtors' activities. CSC monitors the debtor names against which you have filed and makes you aware of any additional UCC filings. We can automatically check the list of debtor names for your new UCC filings and changes to your existing ones. When we find new information, we send you an e-mail alert with a link to the tracking results in our online application.

Learn when your debtors file for bankruptcy. We monitor a number of variables (debtor name, street address, city, state, and zip code) to help you identify bankruptcy filings that are likely to be of concern for you. Our system promptly alerts you when one of your UCC debtors files for bankruptcy in any of the U.S. bankruptcy courts.