As your business evolves, changes are inevitable. If these changes affect your formation documents, you may need to file an amendment. When you keep your entity information current, you avoid interruptions to your business—for example, if you don't have an officer or manager available to sign. Let CSC handle the articles of amendment, so you can focus on taking your business into its next stage.

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CSC can file in the U.S. and beyond in more than 140 global jurisdictions.

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In addition to fulfilling your articles of amendment needs, CSC can act as your registered agent.

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You'll have access to dedicated account experts. They'll provide live, personalized service during extended business hours.


CSC Entity Management

CSC Entity ManagementSM software offers you a clear view of governance and compliance activities throughout your company, as well as valuable insight into the health and status of all your entities.



  • What business changes should be reported in an Articles of Amendment form?

    Common changes for filing an amendment with the secretary of state or applicable business registry include:

    • Company name changes

    • Registered agent contact information update

    • A new business address

    • Updated director or member information

    • Changes to the number of authorized shares

    • Business activity changes

    You can change most items listed on the original articles, except the filing date, incorporator, or organizer. Also, you can't change your registered agent through an Articles of Amendment form.

  • What information is required to file an articles of amendment?

    The basic information needed is:

    • Current entity name

    • New entity name (if applicable)

    • Adopted amendments text

    • Adopted amendments dates

      • You'll need this information if there's a delay in the date when the amendment will be adopted. You'll also need the name(s) and address(es) of the individual(s) who are submitting the document. Some states require the member or the board of directors voting to pass these amendments, and many states require the signatures of the president and secretary of the entity.

  • How long does it take to file?

    Filing times vary by jurisdiction. Many jurisdictions offer expedited service for an additional fee.

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