From time to time, businesses require a certificate of good standing to conduct business. We ensure the process to obtain one is fast and easy. CSC can order your company’s certificate of good standing from the relevant state office, and also help you navigate urgent request options.

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Save time and stress

Let CSC deal with multiple jurisdiction offices.

Get documents faster

We offer services for short-form (status of company only) and long-form (status of company plus all documents on file), as well as expedited handling available by jurisdiction.

Centralize official documents

We store certificates securely for easy access and review.



CSCNavigator®—our unified legal and compliance portfolio management system—powers our corporate compliance solutions. Corporate legal departments, compliance professionals, and business owners use this platform to securely manage their entities, annual reports, corporate filings, service of process (SOP), litigation, deals, business licenses, contracts, and many other business needs.



  • What is a certificate of good standing?

    A certificate of good standing—also called a certificate of existence, status certificate, or certificate of authorization—is a document issued by a government authority, usually a secretary of state, that shows your entity has met its statutory requirements and is authorized to do business.

  • What does a certificate of good standing confirm?

    Depending on the jurisdiction, a certificate of good standing confirms (among other things) that your business:

    • Is up-to-date on jurisdiction fee payments

    • Has filed an annual report

    • Has paid franchise taxes

  • Why should I order a certificate of good standing?

    Many companies request a certificate of good standing occasionally for their own records. A certificate of good standing may also be required by:

    • State governments, when an entity is engaging in a transaction; for example, a merger or a qualification

    • Local jurisdictions, when renewing business licenses and permits

    • Lenders, when obtaining financing

    • Banks, for certain transactions

    • Potential business partners or investors

  • Can you help if my business is out of good standing?

    Yes, we are experts in helping businesses regain good standing. CSC can help with all aspects of getting your business back to good standing, including diagnosing the cause(s) of losing good standing, filing the reinstatement and any missed annual reports to recover good standing, and navigating multiple state agencies on your behalf. We can also provide a tool that enables you to track the good standing status of your entities via automated updates we receive from secretary of state offices.


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