Stop wasting time and money with manual billing processes—automate your financials with our easy-to-use eBilling application. A natural complement to our CSC Matter ManagementSM platform, CSC’s eBilling will reduce your outside counsel spend, save time for in-house staff, and automatically transmit approved invoice data to Accounts Payable.

e-Billing Solutions


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Discover new efficiencies

Enjoy the convenience of CSC eBilling—it’s easy to implement, backed by our award-winning customer service, and the perfect fit for small to mid-sized law departments.

Reduce extraneous costs

Flag, reject, or automatically adjust charges that fail to comply with your law department’s billing guidelines, or attorney fees that exceed negotiated rates.

Save time

Eliminate manual handoffs to invoice approvers, streamline bill review, and automatically transfer approved invoice data to Accounts Payable.


  • Simplify workflow. Receive, review, and approve all invoices electronically within a single, easy-to-use platform.

    • Invoices are routed to approver(s) based on your department’s invoice approval rules—with review links sent via email.

    • Once approved, invoices are seamlessly transmitted to Accounts Payable via email or outbound data feed.

  • Easily adjust, reject, or question disputed charges. In-house staff can, when needed, negotiate disputed charges with vendors through an online appeals workflow.

  • Generate custom reports. Use any combination of data points, including standardized Uniform Task-Based Management System (UTBMS) codes, to monitor, analyze, and improve your department’s budget performance.


  • Reduce legal spend. Automatically validate invoices for compliance with your department’s billing guidelines—no need to involve counsel.

  • Increase efficiency. Eliminate hard copies or emailed invoices, spreadsheets, and shared folders from your current process since everything is centralized.

  • Provide real-time visibility. Quickly show invoice approval, payment status, and receivables to outside counsel.


CSC’s eBilling API allows you to securely transmit invoices to and from Accounts Payable, providing payment details that in-house staff or outside counsel firms can quickly reference.


CSC Matter Management

CSC Matter Management is the complete solution for your matter management needs. Mitigate risk and reduce costs with our single integrated platform, whether your focus is on contracts, litigation, garnishments, intellectual property, claims, or real estate.



CSCNavigator®—our unified legal and compliance portfolio management system—powers our corporate compliance solutions. Corporate legal departments, compliance professionals, and business owners use this platform to securely manage their entities, annual reports, corporate filings, service of process (SOP), litigation, deals, business licenses, contracts, and many other business needs.


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