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Process Agent Services

Fast and reliable service of process coverage

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Hiring a process agent provides a crucial legal and logistical advantage, providing efficient and timely handling of legal matters across different jurisdictions. This process enhances communication, minimizes the risk of missed deadlines or legal complications, and fosters more secure and compliant business operations.

CSC can serve as your process agent, which allows us to receive service of process (SOP) on your behalf in a jurisdiction as a condition to registrations, licensing, or regulatory filings.


CSC can act as your agent, sometimes called a contract agent, for a private agreement such as a loan guaranty or indenture. We gather basic details about the parties involved and the term, then use that information to draft a formal letter accepting the appointment.


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CSCNavigatorSM is our proprietary secure hub for our unified legal and compliance management network of solutions—powering CSC corporate compliance solutions, entity and matter management, service of process, annual reports, and business licenses.

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