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Partner with CSC to simplify and centralize the corporate secretarial management of your entities around the globe. The world’s leading companies and their advisors rely on CSC’s suite of Global Subsidiary Management services to support their compliance obligations in more than 140 jurisdictions. You’ll work with one global provider for your corporate secretarial needs, centralized through our global headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, and augmented by regional hubs in London and Hong Kong.



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One provider, global presence

With CSC, you work with one provider. You no longer need multiple vendors and law firms; your administrative burdens are reduced; and you enjoy proactive, centralized support and expertise.

Scalable, integrated solutions

Our services are highly scalable and seamlessly integrated with all your entity management activities via the award-winning CSC Entity ManagementSM software.

Dependability without compromise

Avoid billing headaches and budget uncertainty that come with paying hourly rates and various currencies. And you could see cost savings, thanks to services rendered in U.S. dollars on a fixed-fee basis.


The Corporate Health Check is a detailed audit performed during the transfer of existing entities to CSC’s management. It is based on in-country, publicly available data on file at the business registry and will:

  • Identify entity-specific information such as jurisdiction IDs, current slate of officers and directors, and calendar of meeting and filing requirements and deadlines

  • Document potential deficiencies and suggest associated remedial actions to bring the entity back into good corporate health

  • Draft transfer documentation, including change of address and company secretary where appropriate

  • Collect required know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) due diligence at no additional cost

  • Populate all vetted data into CSC Entity Management

Benefit from ongoing, proactive corporate secretarial maintenance of global entities in more than 140 jurisdictional worldwide.

  • Centralized workflows through single point of contact, with global support and local expertise

  • Highly inclusive flat-rate cost structure and simplification of administrative workload

  • Digital maintenance of shareholder registries and minute books, and physical maintenance where appropriate

  • Drafting of any documents CSC creates, including annual general meeting, annual resolutions, and similar documents, in the required country-specific language along with a working English translation

  • Filing of annual reports or equivalent based on jurisdiction

  • Proactive tracking and notification of compliance deadlines through regular conference calls and communication

  • Monitoring and communication of jurisdiction requirement changes

  • Automation of data capture and lodging dual-language documents within CSC Entity Management

  • Domiciliation (registered office) service included where common or optionally available

  • Nominee appointments such as resident director, shareholder, legal representative, and other common appointments as needed

Centralized support of change management services commonly featuring flat-rate cost structure and simplification of administrative workload

  • Entity formations and branch registrations

  • Dissolution and liquidation support

  • Simplified worldwide officer and director changes

  • Merger and acquisition activities

  • Capital infusions and other funding projects

  • Automation of data capture and dual-language document lodging within CSC Entity Management


Trust and agency

CSC’s Global Financial Markets team provides a flexible suite of trust and agency services focused on the U.S., European, and APAC markets.

Fund administration

CSC offers globally integrated fund administration services across a wide range of asset classes including private equity, venture capital, real estate, and private debt.

Independent director

CSC is the provider of choice for independent director services for bankruptcy remote entities.

SPV management

CSC offers all key SPV management services to meet global business needs.


CSC Entity Management

CSC Entity Management software offers you a clear view of governance and compliance activities throughout your company, as well as valuable insight into the health and status of all your entities.



CSCNavigator®—our unified legal and compliance portfolio management system—powers our corporate compliance solutions. Corporate legal departments, compliance professionals, and business owners use this platform to securely manage their entities, annual reports, corporate filings, service of process (SOP), litigation, deals, business licenses, contracts, and many other business needs.



  • Where does CSC offer global corporate secretarial services?

    CSC offers global corporate secretarial services in more than 140 jurisdictions, centralized through our global headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, and augmented by regional hubs in London and Hong Kong.

  • Will I need to work with multiple contacts around the world with CSC’s Corporate Secretarial services?

    No, you’ll be supported by a centralized, dedicated team that will facilitate all of your organization’s corporate governance needs. This includes both regularly scheduled maintenance and changes within your entity portfolio.

  • What are corporate secretarial services?

    Corporate secretarial services, often referred to as “CoSec,” commonly include the fulfillment of the necessary meeting and filing obligations as required by the in-country business registry. These obligations can vary dramatically by jurisdiction and entity type.

  • Do I need registered agent services outside the United States?

    Registered agent services are most common in the U.S. and in some island jurisdictions. More commonly outside of the U.S., you’ll need corporate secretarial oversight of annual and ongoing compliance matters.

  • What is an annual general meeting?

    Most jurisdictions require an annual meeting of directors or shareholders, with written documentation of minutes or resolutions. In some countries, these documents need to be filed locally with the business registry and maintained at the registered office.

  • What is a registered office?

    Most jurisdictions require a listed registered office address with the business registry. Typically, this is the principal place of business for the entity—often your own physical location in country. In some countries, it’s common for your corporate secretarial partner to fulfill your registered office requirement. In many countries, you’re required to keep physical minute books at the registered office location.

  • What is a resident director?

    Some jurisdictions require a minimum number of directors or shareholders to maintain residency in country. In many cases, if you’re unable to maintain an adequate number of in-country director-level personnel, CSC can accept appointments to satisfy resident director requirements.

  • Who should file an LEI registration?

    Any company that engages in financial transactions may need a global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). This could include larger companies with their own treasury operations; financial companies; and law firms working with financial firms, including REITs, insurance companies, and banks.


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