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Managing global corporate governance is complex. Legal teams are facing increased workloads and even bigger budget cuts. Regulations are constantly changing and vary from country to country, making it challenging to master evolving rules at the jurisdiction level—not to mention the potential risks of non-compliance. Additionally, the rise in legal technology presents a big opportunity for legal teams to streamline workflows and simplify operations. As a result, companies need a global provider that understands managing complexity in an ever-changing compliance environment. CSC is your partner, simplifying and centralizing the management of your corporate entities around the globe.


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There are challenges in managing a multinational portfolio. Overseeing different touch points, compliance uncertainty, and limited transparency—not to mention managing multiple vendors, time zones, currencies, and languages. With CSC, you work with a single provider as your corporate secretary to simplify and centralize your global compliance support, eliminating the need for multiple vendors and law firms.



Centralized global presence

With CSC, you work with one provider. Through centralized activities and a dedicated team in your time zone, you'll leave behind juggling multiple providers and inconsistent processes.

Jurisdictional expertise

With in-country expertise and an experienced and tenured staff, you can rest assured that we have you covered when it comes to handling what's required in-jurisdiction and staying on top of the latest regulations and jurisdiction developments.

World-class service

Service is at the center of everything we do. We treat your business with the same urgency, the same attention to detail, and the same sense of responsibility that we do our own. Plus, you'll have budget certainty with no surprise fees.

Industry-leading solutions

Backed by stringent data security protocols, our award-winning technology solution, CSC Entity ManagementSM, provides unparalleled transparency into your critical entity data and documents, and is configurable to meet your specific needs.


CSC is dedicated to keeping your company compliant, providing an initial audit of your global entity, annual compliance event , and global change management support. We offer a suite of services, customized to each company's unique needs.


    CSC is a trusted as a corporate secretary for clients all over the world. We start with a comprehensive Corporate Health Check audit of your global entities to ensure we have a full picture of the current status of your portfolio. From there, we provide ongoing, proactive annual compliance support and support global change management needs as they arise.


    We can help you with company formation in 100+ countries, including all major onshore, mid-shore, and offshore jurisdictions. Our experts include experienced company secretaries, lawyers, and paralegals who speak the local language, understand the local laws, customs and culture, and have developed close relationships with local authorities. Our experts aim to save you from any unwelcome delays and bureaucracy, and keep the plans you have for your business on schedule.


    Our local experts work alongside you to shape your official presence abroad, from a registered office to a physical office space, corporate secretary services, and registered and process agent services.


    Whether you're creating financing vehicles, securitizing assets, or expanding into new markets, our directors are fully equipped to navigate complexity regarding any alternative investment funds, special purpose vehicles (SPVs), holding companies, limited liability companies (LLCs), or investment trusts.


    Our local and international accounting experts are here to help you avoid the consequences of falling foul of complex local rules, without having to hire in-house, expensive resources on the ground. We can give your team access to the latest top-tier applications and advanced automation, coupled with the expertise and knowledge they need to leverage those tools, alleviating the need for manual processes and reducing risk. Services include accounting, bookkeeping, financial reporting and consolidation, assistance with financial audit and internal control, VAT registration and administration, bank account management, financial statement preparation, cash management, and more.


    Our in-house HR and Payroll Teams work hard to fulfill one of the company's most fundamental requirements—the accurate and timely payment of employees. We keep your company in good standing across all locations, navigating myriad constantly changing privacy laws, regulations, and compliance processes in each jurisdiction, offering the same level of accuracy in smaller, geographically diverse workforces as we do in larger offices.


    Our experts can help you overcome the complexity and time-consuming requirements of treasury management through achieving a sound corporate control framework, eliminating gaps, and future proofing your company for the long term. Our team of professionals are experts in specialist areas of treasury, benefiting from experience across many different sectors and scenarios, helping keep your internal teams lean and focused.


    From share plans, pension plans, deferred compensation, or carried interest, our Executive Compensation Team is the trustee and the administration specialist. We focus on the technical administration, governance, and delivery of your plan using market-leading, innovative, and flexible systems. Whatever the size of your business, wherever the jurisdiction, and however complex the structure required, we deliver so you can concentrate on your core business.


CSC Entity Management

CSC Entity Management software offers you a clear view of governance and compliance activities throughout your company, as well as valuable insight into the health and status of all your entities.



Webinar Series: Doing Business Internationally

Limited webinar series from CSC, featuring in-market experts across 12 jurisdictions, discussing critical aspects for doing business in each market.


Global Capital Markets

Clients choose CSC for our unrivaled level of expertise, impressive track record, and comprehensive global offering.


Fund Solutions

A trusted partner with more than 120 years of experience, CSC is recognized for proven processes, flexible technology, and unrivaled client service.


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