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New gTLDs: What Should I tell my Board?

In the coming months, ICANN will launch a fast-track process for the introduction of potentially hundreds, if not thousands, of new generic top-level domains (New gTLDs), also known as ".brand" domains. CSC has the expertise organizations need to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by a vastly expanded Internet. Learn more in this valuable white paper by CSC's Director of Policy & Industry Affairs, Gretchen Olive.

An Analysis of the Most Infringed Terms within Domain Names

Our recent research has revealed the most common terms infringers use to register domain names. This research helps corporations proactively identify and register important variations of their brand names and prioritize those names that need enforcement.

New gTLDs: DAG v3 Overview & What Happens Next

View this three-page briefing paper on the current status of ICANN's new gTLD initiative.

Challenging and Acquiring Third Party Domain Names

There is an arsenal of tactics available to brand owners to help them secure the domain names they want. This can include names that infringe upon a trademarked term and generic names that do not infringe upon any rights.

Uncovering the Costs of Disputed Domains

Domain name disputes cost corporations millions of dollars every year, but you can avoid these costs with a deeper understanding of why and how they are incurred. CSC recently conducted an analysis of all Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) filings. The results outlined in this paper provide significant insight into unnecessary disputed domain costs and how you can prevent them.

A Question of Consistency

Dutch multinational corporation, Philips knows its brand name is among its most valuable assets. A centralized domain name management strategy helps to ensure it stays that way.

The Dirty Dozen: A Survey of the Top Forms of Online Brand Abuse

This paper was developed in large part through CSC's work with numerous major brand holding companies around the globe to establish proactive digital brand monitoring and protection strategies. Learn about the most prevalent forms of online brand abuse threatening companies on the Internet today.

Domain Name Cyberscape Report: Uncovering infringement trends in the domain name marketplace

CSC is dedicated to providing our clients market intelligence to ensure they have the right information to make accurate decisions in managing their brands online. This research looked at 30 of the world's top brands where all domain names registered containing a brand name or a typo-variant were found. Corporations need to be aware of areas where their brands are at high risk and proactively seek to protect their brand in those areas.