UCC Secured Party Representation

Did you know that your customer list is part of public record? Your competitors can recreate your portfolio simply by running a secured party search of the UCC records. With the Secured Party Representative Services (SPRS) from CSC®, you can keep your competitors at bay and help protect your valued client base.

When CSC provides a secured party representative name on your initial financing statement, your company name does not appear in the public record. Competitors will no longer be able to easily identify your most important customers. While SPRS does help prevent the use of the public record for unwanted sales solicitations, it does not interefere with due diligence searches conducted by debtor name.

Our SPRS offer the additional benefit of streamlining inquiries about your financing statements. All communications regarding a filed record are quickly and efficiently forwarded to the designated person at your company—no more misplaced letters or missed phone calls. Best of all, you have a permanent electronic record of all inquiries.*

Learn more about preventing potential competitive losses with Secured Party Representative Services.

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*The represented secured party must respond to an authenticated demand by the debtor.