UCC Article 9 Amendments Guide

For this landmark survey, CSC® polled industry professionals for their insight on the 2010 UCC Article 9 Amendments, searching and filing best practices, trends, and the best resources for professionals. More than 2,000 professionals contributed to the survey.

The 2010 Amendments to UCC Article 9 (2010 Amendments or the Amendments) took effect in most states on July 1, 2013. As with many uniform laws, the changes took effect in a far from uniform manner. Despite the effective date provided in the official text, states enacted the Amendments to take effect at different times during the year (and a few states have yet to pass the relevant legislation). States also adopted different alternatives for determining the correct name of an individual debtor, as well as different informal procedures for accepting the new or old UCC forms.

Given these variations, it’s no surprise that some in the UCC Article 9 industry struggled to stay informed about the 2010 Amendments and how the evolving legislation and forms would affect their normal workflows. This topic was still top of mind when CSC launched its landmark 2013 survey of UCC professionals, and the 2010 Amendments were a major focus of the survey.

Our guide gives you the insider’s look at:

  • The top industries and locations of the companies most involved with UCC Article 9
  • The biggest impact of the UCC Article 9 updates, as well as what changes to the UCC forms were the most significant
  • The percentage of companies that have stayed up to date on the 2010 UCC amendments
  • FAQ about recent UCC changes, and information on how top companies are monitoring their brand

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