UCC Forms

Thank you for your interest in CSC®, the leading provider of Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) forms and filing services for initial UCC financing statements as well as subsequent UCC filings.

Creditors file UCC-1 financing statements to help perfect their security interests in the personal property of their debtors. CSC can help you file UCC-1 financing statements and other UCC records in any state through our secure portal, CSCFinancialOnlineSM. In most states, you can prepare and submit your UCC financing statements electronically. On each UCC-1 financing statement, you will need to provide the debtor's name and address, the creditor's name and address, and a description of the collateral.

To start filing UCC-1 financing statements through CSC, please complete the brief form to the right. A CSC UCC specialist will contact you to provide access to our application.

CSC's services don't end with the filing of an initial UCC-1 financing statement form. We also monitor your UCC-1 filings for expiration or continuation and can provide insight into debtor activities—like corporate name changes or bankruptcy filings—that may affect your ability to enforce the security interest.

Read CSC’s UCC-1 filing guide to learn about best practices for UCC filing rules.

CSC can assist you in filing form UCC-3, known as the UCC Financing Statement Amendment Form, to reflect a UCC termination filing, UCC continuation filing, UCC assignment filing, or a UCC amendment filing (you might file a UCC amendment to change, delete, or add the name of a debtor or secured party.) All of these additional UCC forms and online filings can be accessed through CSCFinancialOnlineSM.

CSC is the premier provider of Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) search, filing and monitoring services for commercial banks and lenders of all sizes, leasing enterprises, factoring organizations and law firms specializing in secured transactions.

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