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With the industry's largest online Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) database of information and images, CSC® provides more UCC search records—including tax lien searches and debtor searches—and delivers results faster than any other UCC filing service provider.

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With CSC, your search results include UCC-1 financing statements, continuations, amendments, terminations and other related records—the public records you need to make an accurate lending decision. You can also conduct federal tax lien searches, state tax liens searches, and judgment liens searches. Our application, CSCFinancialOnlineSM, enables you to:

  • Use one system to conduct all your UCC searches, rather than juggle each jurisdiction's unique search requirements or figure out how to obtain information from jurisdictions that do not offer online data.
  • Avoid the hassle of having to open payment accounts with each jurisdiction and manage multiple billing statements and accounting systems.
  • Reduce the time it takes to close your loans and save money by getting your UCC search done right the first time.
  • Access a complete, automated archive of your UCC search results and images retrieved in your previous lien records searches.
  • Confirm that records were properly filed with our UCC Search-to-Reflect service.

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