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CSC® has been a leading provider of Indiana UCC services for decades, with clients ranging from commercial banks to legal firms. UCC professionals need to have a thorough understanding of the filing requirements and administrative rules pertinent to their state. CSC's knowledge and expertise in UCC services can help ensure that your UCC search and filings in Indiana and nationwide remain simple and efficient.

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  • Our comprehensive UCC database can help your company closely monitor changes that may affect your security interest.
  • Searches through state databases can be incomplete and time-consuming. CSC enables you to get your UCC search in Indiana done rapidly without the need to consult state office databases.
  • With the help our web-based portal, CSCFinancialOnline, you can manage your entire UCC portfolio from one place. This can help you remain updated on the filing process and retain control of the entire process from anywhere, at any time.
  • With CSC secured party representation, you reduce the likelihood that a competitor can use the public record to identify and solicit your customers.

Indiana enacted the Alternative A "only if" option for § 9-502(c)(3), § 9-503(a)(4) through (6) stating that a "driver's license or identification card for non-drivers" must be the source for an individual debtor name for the purposes of a financing statement.

For the full details of the 2010 UCC Amendments and the changes that were made please review our UCC Article 9 & Lien Resource Center.

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