Securing your interest in a fixture can be complex, since filing takes place at the county, rather than state, level. You have to know which counties to file in and be able to access them—and doing this manually is time-consuming and tedious. Turn to CSC. We’re experts in filing your UCC-1 forms at the county level.

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File in all 3,600 counties

CSC can file in all U.S. counties, offering electronic recording (eRecording) in a growing number of counties or paper document recording solutions where eRecording isn’t yet available.

Integration with search

Our platform allows you to search for legal descriptions and copy into the filing.

One comprehensive platform

Use one platform to search, file, and monitor and track for continuations.


Services for solar

As the demand for solar power installation begins to skyrocket, both in residential and commercial applications across the country, more lenders are filing fixtures at the county level. Whether you’re a solar finance, leasing, installation, or service company, we can help you reduce your risk and easily manage every aspect of your UCC process.

  • UCC filings: Prepare and record UCC filings on residential or commercial solar borrowers or lessees in any state.

  • UCC fixture filings: Prepare UCC fixture filings to secure solar assets in county real estate records.

  • Real property searches: Obtain legal descriptions and other owner and parcel information required for fixture filings.

  • API integration: Automate the state or county UCC filing process to reduce data entry and increase productivity.

  • Portfolio monitoring: Manage all UCC filings using CSC’s portfolio monitoring tools.

  • CA NOISEPC Documents: Automate the preparation, recording, and management of Notice of Independent Solar Energy Power Contract documents required by the State of California.

Real estate search

To file a fixture filing, you need to first locate the fixture’s legal description. With CSC’s comprehensive real estate search services, you can easily search, find, and copy the legal description into the UCC-1 form—instantly. Find out more about our real estate services.



CSCFinancialOnlineSM was designed specifically for the financial services industry and has the industry’s largest online UCC database, providing more UCC search records—including tax lien searches and debtor searches. It also delivers faster results than any other UCC filing service.



  • What is a fixture?

    Generally, fixtures are goods that have become so related to a particular real property that an interest in them arises under real property law (UCC Article 9). Each state has its own guidelines for what’s considered a fixture, and, ultimately, only the courts can determine a fixture case-by-case.

  • How do I file a fixture filing?

    Fixture filings are generally filed at the county level in the county in which a mortgage would be recorded on the affected real property. You will need to file a UCC-1 financing statement form plus an addendum that you need to fill out on the fixture filing.


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