Corporate Filings and Documents

For more than a century, successful companies have relied on CSC® to support all their corporate filing, formation, and transaction needs. Whether you manage one or a 1,000 entities, we have the tools and expertise to keep track of them in all 50 states and a number of international jurisdictions.

All of our business filing and formation services are perfectly integrated with CSCNavigator®, the single point of entry for all our compliance services—from entity and deal management to service of process (SOP), annual reports, and business licenses.

CSC's Corporate Filing and Document Retrieval services include:

  • Formations:
    Whether you're forming a corporation or limited liability structure, our compliance experts will guide you through the process to get your entities set up.

  • Articles of amendment:
    CSC can prepare and file all the certificates required to amend any entity's formation documents.

  • Dissolutions or withdrawals:
    CSC will complete and file the appropriate state forms in instances where you must dissolve or withdraw a business entity.

  • Mergers:
    From the due diligence phase to post-closing, CSC provides a complete solution for your merger transactions.

  • Certificates of good standing:
    CSC can order certificates of good standing for your entities from the secretary of state in all 50 states and the District of Columbia—evidence that you have satisfied your annual report, franchise tax, and other obligations.

  • Document retrieval:
    CSC can order certified copies of any of your business documents that are filed with the secretary of state, including formation documents.

  • Apostille, authentication, and legalization:
    CSC can order an apostille on your behalf (as validation of your U.S. corporate documents) in countries that are party to the Hague Convention. In countries that are not party to the Hague Convention, CSC can conduct authentication and legalization of your corporate documents on your behalf.

  • Doing business as (DBA) filings:
    CSC can create a DBA filing history for any of your entities, at any jurisdictional level, anywhere in the world. Our powerful entity management solution helps you stay on top of all your filing deadlines and manage your entire DBA portfolio effortlessly.

  • Foreign qualification:
    CSC can help companies qualify to do business in any state—researching the requirements of the state (or states) in question, determining costs, and providing you with the correct forms and filing guidelines.

  • Annual report services:
    CSC will prepare annual report forms on your behalf and file the required documents directly with the secretary of state or other international authority.

  • Charitable Services:
    CSC can prepare and submit registrations and renewals for charitable solicitation in the states where your organization requires registration.